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Rev. Sarah Anderson-Rajarigam was called to be the pastor of Grace   Evangelical Lutheran Church in July 2012. She was ordained by Rev. Claire   Burkat Bishop of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod in August of 2012.   Before joining Grace, Rev. Anderson-Rajarigam served as the director of   Christian Education at Calvary Lutheran Church in the Bronx while she was   completing her doctoral work at Union Theological Seminary in the city of   New York. Her year of internship as Vicar at Transfiguration, a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York, along with her dissertation that focused on the power of Divine Pathos have all carved a deep sense of “the sacred” in her life out of which comes her love for God and God’s people everywhere.

Raised in Bangalore- a city in South India- and educated in India (B.Sc., B.D., and M.Th) and in the United States (Th.M. at Princeton Theological Seminary and Ph.D. Union Theological Seminary) Rev. Anderson-Rajarigam has been immersed in theology and church life. She is one of the eight children of Rev. J. John Anderson, a retired Lutheran pastor who has raised seven other children to be pastors who along with their spouses are currently serving in different mainline denominational Churches. Rev. Anderson-Rajarigam is married to Rev. Paulsson Rajarigam an Episcopal priest serving as Head of Middle School at All Saints Episcopal Day School, Phoenix, AZ. They are the proud parents of Irene Rosheila Pavithrini and Christine Priscilla.


 Nancy Kahler-Jow is our Organist and Choir Director


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