Thank you for visiting us online.

We invite you to connect with us grow in faith, to experience community, to worship God, and to enjoy Christian fellowship through liturgy, prayer, and music.

Here you will encounter God through reading of the scriptures, singing, the preached word, sharing of the meal, and through healing.

You will also experience what it means to be part of the community here in Drexel Hill – through community outreach programs.

  • Aid for Friends
  • Anonymous group meetings
  • Connecting with the community through Spaghetti Dinner, Strawberrry Festival, and other community oriented programs.

It is our endeavor to reach out and to welcome, to celebrate God’s gift of life and salvation through Jesus Christ.

We are a welcoming congregation of the Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPA) Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).


 Grace banner 2014-10-08_0837We are located on Edmonds Avenue near School Lane.
map and location
 Call  610-259-2143 for directions, pastoral care and pastoral emergencies.

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